Laptop Bag

The Ideal Laptop Bag for Your PC

Don't have a laptop protection to safeguard your laptop yet? However, a laptop bag should be the first investment for your device. For those seeking style and practicality, a sleek laptop briefcase or a laptop messenger bag could be the perfect choice.

Given the price of a laptop (a few hundred to several thousand euros for brands like Apple's Macbook), protecting it is essential for maintaining your device over the years. With the rise in digital theft, opting for a bag with RFID blocking capabilities offers an extra layer of security for your valuable devices and personal information.

Different Laptop Protection Options Available on the Market

There is a wide variety of laptop protection options available:

Laptop Sleeve:

This model is the most common. A padding laptop sleeve is well-known for its shockproof protection, including a soft lining for device safeguarding. Unlike other protective cases, a pouches fits the dimensions of your laptop, often featuring a waterproof and durable material with lightweight design. You'll find computer bag for all models and sizes: 13-inch, 15-inch, 16-inch computer sleeve, etc.

Laptop Bag:

This model is most suitable for professional use. Inside a laptop bag, often designed as a business case with anti-theft features, you can carry not only your professional accessories (charger, USB key, wired mouse, hard drive, etc.) but also personal items (pens, mobile phone, keys). It can be carried with a detachable and adjustable shoulder-strap or by hand using the handle, and many come with a padded, expandable and roomy compartment for extra protection.

Laptop Backpack:

Often worn by men and women alike, the laptop backpacks , sometimes designed as a convertible bag with ergonomic straps, the computer backpack is becoming increasingly popular. It's extremely practical as it can be worn on the back, making it ideal for motorcyclists. Like the laptop bag, the duffel it has multi-functional compartments for securing your laptop and carrying your belongings.

Laptop Handbag:

Ultra trendy, the laptop handbag or tote-bag, often resembling a crossbody bag, is both sexyelegant, and practical. This model is exclusively for women. It allows you to remain feminine at all times thanks to the many designs available online. The downside is that it doesn't always protect the laptop well.

The Laptop Bag Offers Good Protection :

Typically padded with a protective sleeve, the main laptop compartment provides shockproof protection for your laptop. The bag protects against shocks, bumps, collisions, and the elements, being waterproof. It acts as a barrier against smoke, humidity, and dust, making it ideal for business laptop and travel use.

The zipper is also a protective element, requiring the zip closure to be durable zippers.

A Practical Laptop Bag

The laptop bag provides optimal protection for your laptop. It has a main compartment for the laptop and usually other external and internal pockets with adjustable compartments

Ideally, a laptop bag features:

  • A front pocket for personal accessories (pen, lipstick, tissues, wallets, chargers or small notebook )
  • One or more internal pockets for organizing professional items (planner, portfolio, binder)
  • Perfect as a travel bag

The laptop bag can be carried in two ways: over the shoulder with a shoulder strap or by the handle, thanks to the strap on both ends of the bag. Its travel-friendly design often includes a trolley suitcase slot, making it a convertible laptop bag for different travel needs.

This Laptop Bag Model Suits All Devices

Although typically designed for laptops ranging from 13 to 16 inches, laptop bags are made for all sizes of PCs (11, 17, and 18 inches) depending on the model. Here are the models you will find in our store:

  • laptop bag for women,
  • laptop bag for men,
  • 13-inch laptop bag,
  • 14-inch laptop bag,
  • 15-inch laptop bag,
  • 16-inch laptop bag,
  • 17-inch laptop bag

Unlike a laptop sleeve, the dimensions of the bag are less critical as one model can fit laptops of various sizes. You can also store a tablet, netbook, ultrabook, galaxy tab, or an iPad in the laptop bag.

Design and Materials of Our Laptop Bags

At our store, we offer a wide range of laptop bags in different materials: leather, neoprene, polyester, polyurethane leather, cotton, or nylon, with a focus on sustainable materials and durable construction.

The designs vary to satisfy both women and men. Visit our Laptop Bags For Women collection to see Floral, plain, animal motifs, stripes, fun, humorous patterns We regularly update our collections to include fashionable designs that are not only trendy but also water-resistant and equipped with adjustable straps for comfort and convenience.

If you're having trouble choosing the size or ideal model, our customer service is available. We're here to help, contact us via Messenger chat or email to discuss.