14 Inch Laptop Bag

Choosing a 14-inch Laptop Bag to Protect Your PC

Determining the Size of Your PC

If you didn't know, the size of a laptop is measured in inches. The most common sizes for laptops are 13.3 inches, 14 inches, and 15.6 inches.

The size of a laptop is measured in inches because it is easier to measure its size in this unit. It is also easier to calculate the weight of a laptop this way.

What differentiates them is the size of your laptop's screen.

How to Know if My Laptop is 14 Inches

If you are in this collection, it's probably because you already know the size of your laptop and think it is a 14-inch model. But, are you sure your PC is really a 14-inch?

For those who are not sure or do not know the size of their electronic device, we have written a blog article on this subject, here it is.

Through this article, we explain exactly what to do to find the size of your laptop. It's not very complicated and to explain briefly: You should measure the screen of your laptop diagonally. Then, you need to divide the result you find by 2.54. You will finally get the result in inches.

My Computer is Not 14 Inches, What to Do...

If, according to the article we wrote “knowing the size of your laptop”, you find that your computer is not this size. Don't panic, you will always find a computer bag for your PC. Under each of our “product sheets” we write the dimensions of each computer bag.

But know that sometimes, depending on the model and brand of laptops, some 13.3-inch models may fit a 14-inch PC bag, for example, so it is important to refer to the dimensions written under each computer bag sheet. If your laptop is a 15 inch, see our 15 inch laptop bag collection

Should I Choose a Laptop Sleeve or a 14-inch Laptop Bag?

This choice will depend on your needs and expectations. Indeed, opting for a 14-inch laptop sleeve and a 14-inch laptop bag is different.

14-inch Laptop Sleeve

The 14-inch laptop sleeve is lighter than the bag, ultra-slim, it is thin and does not weigh down your device.

Moreover, the laptop sleeve is practical as it easily slips into another bag: backpack, handbag, for example.

But this "positive side" can turn out to be a disadvantage because you will have to opt for 2 different bags instead of one: the laptop sleeve + your personal handbag.

Moreover, the laptop sleeve has only one compartment which does not allow you to carry your accessories...

Advantages of a 14-inch Laptop Bag

Conversely, the laptop bag is ultra-practical, its large number of compartments allows you to carry all your personal belongings in a single bag. You will have at least one main compartment for your laptop and at best a front pocket for personal belongings (pen, key, smartphone) + internal pockets for your wired cables: charger, external hard drive, headphones, wired mouse...) + a compartment dedicated to a document holder or a tablet + a side pocket for the rest of your belongings.

Its practicality does not stop there as sometimes you have the possibility to carry your laptop bag on a trolley suitcase, cabin suitcase.

Also, it must be admitted that, often, the laptop bag offers additional protection for your device. Indeed, the laptop bag is more padded than the simple protective sleeve.

With a padded main compartment and also (sometimes) other quilted protective layers that offer shock-proof protection.

Details to Consider When Choosing Your Laptop Bag

Other details come into play in choosing your laptop bag.

The first is the material of the computer bag. There are several synthetic materials such as neoprene, polyester, nylon. These materials will provide optimal protection for your laptop, especially if they are quilted with anti-shock protection layers. They also protect your device from scratches, moisture, they are waterproof for more safety.

And you also have the genuine leather laptop bag, polyurethane or synthetic leather that you will find in all our collections, especially the 15-inch laptop bag collection, which is the most extensive collection of laptop bags.

These materials, especially real leather, promise you quality and durability. The protective case will last for many years, and you won't have to change it anytime soon. A little less protective than the others, they still offer a real character by giving you style and making you appear more professional.

Leather bags still provide water protection, they are waterproof. And protection against humidity and heat. Your PC is preserved from high temperatures that can deteriorate your laptops over time.

The second criterion to consider for your satchel is the detail of each laptop bag.

Whether by the zipper, the lining, or the way it is carried, each of the laptop bags is different.

All the bags you find on our Laptop-kase site are equipped with sturdy and adjustable zippers. Most also have a shoulder strap, so you can wear it like a shoulder bag but also by the handle thanks to the strap provided for this purpose.

Some models of laptop bags have an ultra-soft lining that promises scratch-proof protection.

You will surely find what you are looking for among this wide selection of shoulder bags for women and men. And if this type of computer protector does not suit you, you can always turn to the case logic, computer backpack, computer handbag, briefcase.