15 Inch Laptop Bag

Why It's Important to Protect Your Laptop with a Computer Bag

Laptops are expensive, and without a laptop bag for protection, there's a higher risk of damage, wear, or breakage, especially while traveling. External dust clogs your PC's ventilation, and rain can cause damage. Our Western society is increasingly rushed and busy, accidents happen quickly, so your laptop must be protected.

laptop bag is therefore essential for anyone who owns a laptop. You can find many types of bags designed to protect your laptop from moisturerain, and shocks: 15-inch Laptop Sleeve, 15-inch Laptop Bag, or 15-inch Laptop Backpack: understanding the differences.

15-inch Laptop Sleeve

The laptop sleeve is the slimmest and lightest of all computer protections. Indeed, it covers your PC completely. It does not weigh down your device and allows you to easily slip it into another bag. The downside is that you need two different bags to carry your PC: the laptop sleeve + another bag (handbag or backpack, for example). Moreover, the laptop sleeve has only one compartment dedicated to your laptop, so you cannot carry your other personal and professional belongings.

15-inch Laptop Bag

The Laptop Bag protects as much as your PC sleeve, or even more since the laptop bag has several layers of shock-proof protection. The ideal thing about the PC bag is that you can easily carry your PC and all the other accessories you want: wired mouse, hard drive, charger, smartphone, tablet, etc.

The laptop bag can be worn over the shoulder like a shoulder bag or in hand with the wrist strap.

15-inch Laptop Backpack

The Laptop Backpack also protects your PC from shocks, falls, and collisions. It is less likely to fall since the computer bag is worn on the back. The practical side is that it won't bother you. If you are not used to carrying a handbag or a laptop bag, especially if you are a man, the backpack will be the most practical tool.

Choosing a 15-inch Laptop Bag

The 15-inch bag is the most popular size of bags as it fits most laptops. It also has many pockets for other items such as chargers, power cords, and mouse pads.

A laptop bag is a must-have for any laptop owner. It protects your device from accidental falls and shocks while traveling.

A good laptop bag should have a padded compartment to protect your device from scratches and a shoulder strap to make it easy to carry. The best laptop bags also have shock-proof features that can protect your device from accidental falls or shocks.

How to Know if Your Laptop is 15 inches

If you were not yet aware, it is important to know that laptops and other screen devices such as TV, smartphone, ultrabook, Galaxy Tab: are measured in inches, this unit allows you to easily know the size of your device. Your laptop is a 16 inch ? See our 16 inch laptop bag collection.

To find out if your computer is a 15-inch, 15.4-inch, or 15.6-inch computer, we have written an article on this subject, we help you to know the exact size of your device.

It's not complicated, you just have to measure the diagonal of your screen. The result you find in cm will be divided by 2.54, once found, it will be the result in inches.

Choosing the Right 15-inch Laptop Bag

We have several collections like the 16-inch Laptop Bag that will allow you to choose the laptop bag according to your gender, for example: we have a Women's collection and a Men's collection. We did not create this collection for sexist reasons, if you are a woman and prefer a bag from the men's collection, you have every right, there is no harm, it's just for practicality. Many of you refer to that.

To choose your case logic, you must determine your needs for this laptop bag.

Indeed, if you need a simple or more sophisticated laptop bag, we have several models that offer you the possibility to carry a large number of personal belongings with:

The possibility of storing your laptop in a main compartment dedicated to it, which is padded and quilted with a shock-proof protection layer with storage spaces for your wired cables and other accessories: bluetooth mouse, speaker, glasses, agenda + front pocket for your house keys and your professional mobile phone. And sometimes even a storage pocket for a tablet, an iPad, a Notebook (if you have one)

Everything is thought out so that you can carry a large number of belongings without being cluttered.

Also, on each of the bags, there is a sturdy zipper. The zipper is sometimes doubled to allow additional protection and quick and efficient zipped opening.

All our laptop bags also have a shoulder strap that allows you to carry the bag like a shoulder handbag. Some have handles, others do not.

Regarding the material used, we use only quality materials for optimal protection. With synthetic materials: nylon, polyester, neoprene... These materials provide waterproof protectionanti-dust and shock-proof protection, especially when these computer protectors are equipped with a sturdy quilted lining. The interior can be made of cotton flannel or nylon.

There are also more robust and durable computer bags such as the leather laptop bag: genuine leather, or synthetic leather and polyurethane. This type of protective case is stronger, they allow you to keep the computer bag for many years. They do not provide as effective protection as the padded models but they bring a certain character and a professional aspect that others do not have.