Laptop Case & Laptop Bag

Choose your favourite laptop sleeve from our wide selection of laptop cases. Different sizes, different models, different colours, but always optimum protection.

Everything you need to keep your laptop safe.


The laptop bag is the best bag in terms of protection and transport. It guarantees optimum security for your laptop.

It's practical and functional: thanks to its many interior storage pockets, carrying strap, shock-absorbing action and volume, the laptop bag lets you carry all your essentials in one saddlebag.

Laptop-Kase offers a wide range of models, from 13" laptop bags to 17" laptop bags.

A wide choice of men's cases and women's cases to protect your device in style.

Sacoche D'ordinateur Lecoinpochette
Laptop Bag


To meet everyone's needs, our laptop sleeve collection includes a wide choice of models from 11" to 17.3". The laptop sleeve models are available for everyone (universal), for men and for women.

Most of our sleeves are scratch-resistant, waterproof and have a zip fastening for optimum protection.

Some models of protective case are also shockproof, adjustable and padded, while others have soft velvet padding.

We offer laptop sleeve models with front pockets or integrated storage compartments, but if you need more space, you should opt for a laptop bag.

Opt For a Laptop Handbag

Discover our new laptop handbag collection. Specially designed to meet your need for style, protection and organisation.

We know that it's important to combine practicality with pleasure, which is why our laptop handbags combine fashion and functionality perfectly, offering you a practical and elegant solution for everyday use.

Let us introduce you to our range of top of the range women's laptop handbags, our laptop handbags are carefully designed to offer optimum organisation. With dedicated compartments for your laptop, accessories and documents, you'll be able to keep everything tidy and within easy reach.

Laptop handbag

Choosing the right laptop bag or laptop sleeve

What size laptop sleeve or laptop bag should I choose?

We're proud to offer you a wide selection of designs and colours so you can find the laptop bag, laptop case or laptop handbag that best suits your style. But having the right size logic case is paramount.

Whatever shoulder bag or case you need, it's important that it fits the dimensions of your laptops.

To make it easy for you to find the perfect storage bag, we've created collections by size. If you have a 15 inch laptop, for example, you should choose a 15 inch laptop bag. But if you don't know what size your laptop is, you need to find out first. Our FAQ has been written to help you choose the right port designs.

Our Men's and Women's Laptop Sleeve

A wide choice of laptop bags and laptop backpacks

Don't compromise style for laptop protection. Depending on your needs, we offer a wide range of laptop bags and laptop backpacks in different finishes:

  • In terms of materials, you'll find nylon, polyester, neoprene, cotton or imitation leather.

  • Most bags have a zip and sometimes a press stud

  • When it comes to protecting your laptop sleeve, we offer everything from shockproof and padded to waterproof, rigid or slim and lightweight. The same goes for laptop backpacks, which offer maximum protection.

  • For storage, we offer laptop bags with numerous compartments (for tablets, wallets, pens, etc.) and cases with just one main compartment.


Discover our new collection of laptop backpacks and take your PC wherever you go, keeping it safe and secure.

Our laptop backpacks feature practical compartments, comfortable shoulder straps and roomy pockets for all your essentials.

You'll find the perfect laptop backpack for women or laptop backpack for men for your teleworking days, weekend getaways or long trips between holidays and work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Use our FAQ to find the right size for your laptop. We've also written a special article on the subject. Read it Here

The most important thing to remember is to check the length x width dimensions of the laptop sleeve or laptop bag (they're written under each product sheet).

If you have any questions about our site, our products or our company, please contact our customer support team at We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Why Choose Laptop Kase? offers you a wide selection of computer protective cases, laptop sleeves, computer bags, computer sleeve with neoprene material to safely carry your laptop and essential accessories.
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We strive to meet your expectations by offering quality products that are carefully selected and diverse.

What Is the Purpose of Laptop Kase?

The Laptop Kase team helps you find the laptop case that best suits your needs. Whether it's about budget, materials, colors, patterns, prices, or details, we are here to assist you in choosing your laptop bag.
We are committed to being there for you with our honest and professional advice! That's why we invite you to contact us via the messenger chat to discuss and assist you.

What Does Laptop Kase Offer?

In our catalog, you will find all types of laptop sleeves. We try to cater to different tastes and preferences by offering various formats and colors. To make it easier for you to choose your laptop sleeve, we have categorized them into different categories.

Everyone can choose their laptop protection based on the pattern, gender (men's laptop sleeve, women's laptop sleeve), type, or even the material with our range of leather laptop sleeves, for example. With our laptop bags, which have plenty of storage space, you can easily slip in your headphones, your Galaxy Tab, your memo pad, a charger or small gadgets. Easy to carry with shoulder-strap

The list of laptop sleeve collections you will find in our store: 

Women's Laptop Sleeve Collection

Let's start with the women's laptop sleeve category. In this category, there is a wide variety of laptop bags available. This category has the most laptop sleeves because it includes a mix of:

  • Laptop sleeves with various patterns,
  • Leather laptop sleeves,
  • Laptop sleeves for 14-inch, 15-inch, 13-inch primarily but also some 11-inch and 16-inch laptops.
  • Cheerful and colorful laptop sleeves,
  • Elegant laptop sleeves.

Men's Laptop Sleeve Collection

We've created a similar category for you, gentlemen, to keep things fair. The selection is a bit more limited, but there are some great neoprene sleeve and pouches to choose from, including some stylish leather laptop sleeves.

Laptop Sleeve Collection by Size:

Just launched, we've created these categories, and we're sure you'll love them. It's frustrating when you find a great laptop sleeve but it's not available in the size of your device.

To avoid this disappointment, we've created collections by size, and it's revolutionary. You just need to choose the category based on your laptop's size, and the laptop protection options presented to you will be suitable for your laptop's size: 

  • 11-inch Laptop Sleeve
  • 12-inch Laptop Sleeve
  • 13-inch Laptop Sleeve
  • 14-inch Laptop Sleeve
  • 15-inch Laptop Sleeve
  • 16-inch Laptop Sleeve
  • 17-inch Laptop Sleeve

If you're not sure about the dimensions of your laptop, we've written a dedicated article to help you determine the right size for your laptop sleeve, or laptop bag: read our specialized blog article on the subject .

Leather Laptop Sleeve Collection

This is one of our customers' favorites. Indeed, you love leather laptop sleeves (and so do we). This is the "premium" laptop sleeve category, and we like it because it offers a variety that is quite different from our competitors.

It's true that often you only find black leather laptop sleeves, but at Laptop Kase, we also have brown, gray, green, blue, and even red leather laptop sleeves. Leather laptop sleeves are timeless: they go with all your outfits, they look elegant, and they last over time. What more could you ask for?

Don't forget that our customer service team is available to answer your questions every day. Please feel free to ask us any questions via email at, and we will be happy to respond as quickly as possible (Within 48 hours).