17 Inch Laptop Bag

Protect Your Large Tools with a 17-inch Laptop Bag

A laptop bag is a must-have for any professional who needs to carry their laptop to different places, including those who prefer a laptop backpack for ease of transport.

A 17-inch laptop is a bulky and heavy device, so it requires a sturdy and durable laptop bag that can support the weight of the device and protect it from accidental drops, especially with materials like ballistic nylon for added durability.

Several factors should be considered when choosing the bag to buy: size, required space, material, color, and budget. For those who travel, a checkpoint friendly bag can be a smart choice.


The first factor to consider is size. A laptop messenger bag is an option for those needing quick access to their device.

Storage Space:

Whether you're transporting your laptop to and from work, on a business trip, or to university, the bag's size and storage space are important. Consider a bag with expandable storage for extra flexibility.


Laptop bags come in various synthetic materials such as nylon, neoprene, and polyester, but you can also find more durable and natural materials like Italian leather or synthetic leather (polyurethane).


While there are more varied models when choosing a computer case, there is still a range of possible colors for laptop bags. Black laptop bags are most common for their professional look.


There are options for every budget, laptop bags can range from thirty euros to a hundred euros. Those looking for high-end options might consider brands like Tumi or Samsonite.

Protecting a Large Laptop

If you need a bag that can carry a large laptop like a 17-inch computer, the best option would be a 17-inch laptop bag or a laptop backpack. Indeed, if you opt for a 17-inch laptop sleeve, it will need to be placed in another type of bag (handbag or backpack).

While the 17-inch laptop bag is a 2-in-1 solution: you transport your PC in a laptop bag that also allows you to carry all your other computer accessories such as your PC's power cable, external hard drive, headphones, smartphone, tablet, speaker, and more. All possible accessories fit inside thanks to the fact that the 17-inch laptop bag is more spacious than others, with a large number of interior pockets for optimal organization and additional features like water resistance for protection against the elements.

What Is a Laptop Bag?

The laptop bag serves the same purpose as the laptop sleeve, which is to envelop your laptop in a protective case that will protect it in case of shocks, collisions, sudden drops, etc. It's particularly ideal for those carrying devices like an Apple MacBook or Dell XPS.

But unlike a simple laptop sleeve, which generally has only one main compartment, the laptop bag has:

  • Slightly thicker padding for better protection of your work tool
  • A double-zippered zipper for added protection
  • A removable and detachable shoulder strap for easy carrying on the shoulder like a messenger bag
  • As well as one or two handle straps to be carried like a handbag
  • A waterproof protective film (like the laptop sleeve)
  • Even stronger shock resistance than a protective sleeve
  • A large number of interior pockets and storage space for all your accessories (front pocket, side pocket, zippered interior pocket, etc.)

It is also suitable for a wider range of laptops, being able to carry and protect laptops of all brands, from slim ones like Apple's Macbook Air or Macbook Pro to protecting all models from Acer, Asus, HP, Toshiba, and more. Its convertible design makes it versatile for different needs.

The laptop bag can also be carried like a laptop case or a briefcase. Very practical, it can be as elegant as a real leather handbag, for example, offering both style and functionality.

For men or women, it's an opportunity to choose shockproof, elegant, protective, and ultra-practical laptop protection for everyday life. The bag's adjustable strap and water-resistant features make it an excellent choice for commuters and travelers alike.

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