17 Inch Laptop Case

Protecting Your Device with a 17 inch laptop case

Did you know? A laptop has a 20% chance of hardware failures in its first 3 years of life. It's a significant risk, but you can greatly reduce the damage by properly protecting your laptop with a sleeve or even a briefcase designed for laptops.

If you're here, it's probably because you're looking for a protective case for your laptop, and you're right to do so. A laptop sleeve, often with multiple compartments for additional storage, can help prevent the risk of drops and impacts on your laptop. It's an excellent way to protect it effectively.

The Collection of 17 inch laptop case

In this collection, you'll find our laptop sleeves for 17-inch and 17.3-inch laptops, including models that can double as a laptop messenger or a leather messenger bag. This collection offers some gems to protect your large-screen laptops and even your iPad Air. While 17-inch laptops are rarer than smaller sizes, we've ensured to include options like rolling briefcases and sleeves with trolleys for easy transportation.

However, we haven't forgotten you. Even though it's rare to find a 17-inch women's laptop bag, our small collection of protective sleeves is versatile and stylish, featuring detachable straps for convenience.

Our sleeves are waterproof, and some are padded, while others are multifunctional and even convertible to different styles. We regularly add new products, including laptop sleeves that can be converted into a briefcase or messenger bag, to our online store.

Before you finalize your order, make sure that the laptop sleeve you have chosen meets your expectations. Some offer optimal but not complete protection, while others, like our rugged laptop messenger bags, are rigid, shock-resistant, and waterproof. They provide protection against shocks, scratches, and are water-resistant. Consider the storage of your supplies: charger, cardholder, wired mouse, pens. You may need a pouch or front pocket included in the protective sleeve.

Why Contact the Laptop-Kase Team?

It's important to contact us because we are here for you, to help you determine the size of your device, to guide you in your choice, to answer your doubts. Whether you have a laptop and tablet combo or a specific model like an iPad Air, we've got you covered.

Why contact us? How can we help you?

The reason is that a 16-inch sleeve can sometimes fit a 17-inch laptop, just as a 14-inch laptop sleeve can fit a 15-inch laptop. Our range includes versatile solutions like the clamshell laptop messenger for easy access to your device. We've created a special "best sellers" collection to help you make your choice.

It depends on the dimensions of each laptop bag, which are not universal, and the size of your device can also vary depending on the brand. There are many brands, but regardless of your laptop's brand, laptop sleeves are universal. So, it's best to rely on your laptop's dimensions rather than its brand.

Also, some models of laptop sleeves, like our stylish laptop totes, may be available for your laptop size, but we haven't highlighted them in the store yet. It can also happen that some products, such as our rolling briefcase, become available in stock again.

That's why we invite you to contact us if you have any questions. We also know that many of you are not sure about your laptop's size. We have written an article on this topic that will help you make the right choice for your laptop sleeve, including options with a tablet sleeve for additional protection.

Choosing the Right Laptop Bag

To choose the right laptop bag, it's important to know what purpose you have for the sleeve. Is it for your business trips, carrying your laptop to the office, or using it as a travel bag? For personalized choices, finishes and details are important. We offer a wide selection of different colors and materials, including eco-friendly options like vegan leather, to protect your laptop effectively.

With zipped sleeves, zipper closures, or simple button closures, there are suede, leather, synthetic, neoprene, nylon, and polyurethane sleeves. A wide range of laptop trolleys for everyone's pleasure!

Laptop sleeves are all different. Some provide more protection than others and have multiple shock-absorbing layers. You'll mainly recognize them by the price because these are more expensive but offer excellent protection with their shock-absorbing layers, rubber protection, thickness, and also protect against dust and water.

Unlike other laptop cases, which are lighter and protect only against light impacts, dust, and weather. The details of laptop protection are numerous: shoulder straps, handles, rigid lining, removable mobiles, padded port designs, integrated side pockets, and more.

Upcoming New Arrivals on Laptop-Kase

We already offer a collection of laptop bags with 17-inch models available. The collection will continue to grow, and soon we will offer a range of convertible laptop backpacks and women's laptop bags. These are perfect for carrying your laptop during trips, looking elegant even for work, and offering you beautiful new arrivals. Expect to see versatile designs that can switch from a professional rolling briefcase to a casual backpack.

If you have an iPad, Galaxy Tab, or a tablet, our cases, sleeves, and bags are coming soon! In addition to their stylish designs, many will feature a padded laptop sleeve for enhanced protection of your device. Whether you're commuting, traveling, or heading to a meeting, these new arrivals will cater to all your needs while ensuring the safety of your gadgets.