Laptop Backpack

Laptop-Kase Introduces Its New Collection of Laptop Backpacks

Laptop-Kase is a store specializing in laptop protection. Our first collections were solely dedicated to laptop sleeves, followed by various collections of laptop bags and computer handbags. A few years after our brand's inception, we have finally decided to create this long-awaited laptop backpack collection. Frequently requested, we are pleased to offer this new collection, which we hope meets your expectations. Laptop-Kase remains your prime destination for protecting your laptop, now offering a broader selection of laptop sleeves, bags, and backpacks.

A Wide Selection of Backpacks Combining Fashion, Protection & Practicality

With a broad range of models designed to meet all your needs, we are confident you will find the perfect companion for your laptop.

Our laptop backpack collection embodies the perfect balance between style, protection, and practicality. At Laptop-Kase, we understand that your laptop is more than just a work tool. It's likely your most important device after your smartphone, and given its cost, it's crucial to protect it. That's why we've created backpacks that not only protect your precious device but also reflect your unique style. Gone are the days of mundane backpacks with a single zip compartment for all your belongings. Our computer bags are clever and ergonomic, allowing organized storage of all your professional and personal items. You will find backpacks of 20 liters, 30 liters, and more.

Choose a Laptop Backpack with Optimal Protection

Protecting your laptop is our top priority. Each backpack in our collection features well-thought-out characteristics to offer optimal protection for your laptop. The bags have padded compartments specifically designed to safely accommodate laptops of various sizes, providing shock protection. Whether you own a MacBook Pro, a Macbook air, a 
Macbook pro retina, an Asus, Acer, HP, Dell, Lenovo, or any other model, rest assured your device is protected against shocks and scratches. The level of shock protection varies by model, but all our backpacks have waterproof protection or water-resistant finishes, so you don't need to worry about bad weather.

Additionally, we chose to offer backpacks with several internal compartments, always providing a dedicated compartment for your device. This type of compartment protects your device from scratches and dust. Depending on the model, this main compartment may close with Velcro, a zipper, or a snap button.

A Diverse and Varied Selection of Backpack Models

We understand that needs vary from person to person. That's why we offer a diverse and varied range of models: for menfor women. Most bags are solid-colored with rather sober colors (black, khaki, brown, beige, nude, white, grey, burgundy red, navy blue, etc.), but we also offer a small collection of patterned backpacks allowing you to stand out (floral patterns, animal skin imitation, stripes, polka dots, plaids, and more).

Materials are just as important depending on the style you seek, so you will find luggage in different materials:

  • Leather backpacks made of cowhide, genuine leather (mostly black and brown leather)
  • Backpacks in synthetic leather, high-quality polyurethane
  • Models in nylon for maximum waterproof protection
  • Polyester bags for a wide choice of patterns
  • Computer bags in cotton or canvas for a durable and trendy bag

Beyond style, we aim to offer backpacks with a multitude of clever features to meet your specific requirements. You will find in our bags dedicated pockets for your wired cables, compartments for various chargers, your mouse, and other computer accessories, keeping your belongings well-organized and easily accessible. No more rummaging through your computer bag for that lost USB cable! Some models even have a wired cable connecting the outside of the laptop bag for quick and safe charging of your mobile phone or Bluetooth headset while on the move.

Regarding your personal belongings, you can easily store them in your laptop backpack. Internal and side pockets allow storage of your planners, pens, and glasses, and front and side pockets are designed for your wallet, purse, and keys. (Check depending on the different models we offer, which are not similar)

But that's not all. Our collection also includes backpacks with expandable compartments, ideal for travelers, digital nomads, or those needing extra space for folders, books, an iPad, or other personal effects. Some models have wheels. You can carry everything you need for your busy day without compromising on style or comfort. Whether you prefer a minimalist and clean look or a bolder design, our collection caters to all tastes with slim, lightweight, trendy, urban models...

At Laptop-Kase, we understand that comfort is essential when carrying your bag all day. That's why we've incorporated padded and adjustable straps and a selection of ergonomic backpacks, for balanced weight distribution and optimal support. The straps, handles, and shoulder straps (some of our luggage can be converted into shoulder bags, allowing you to wear it over the shoulder or as a traditional backpack) are optimal. You can move around comfortably without feeling undue fatigue.

Security is another essential feature of our laptop backpacks. The closures: zipper and snap button are robust, and hidden pockets keep your personal belongings safe, even in crowded places. Some models are also equipped with coded locking systems, for added peace of mind.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our laptop backpack collection now and find the perfect companion for your laptop. Our team is proud to present our selection, and we are confident that the quality and style of our products will satisfy you. We are committed to offering you a great shopping experience, unparalleled style, and attentive customer service. So don't hesitate to contact us if you have a question or are hesitating.