Asus Laptop Bag - Spring

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Stylish and Elegant asus laptop bag

Get your women's laptop bag at the best price and carry your laptop everywhere with ease! This laptop bag can double as a trendy handbag and features numerous storage pockets:

  • Rear zipper pocket with a luggage compartment
  • Front zippered pocket
  • Interior pockets for other supplies

*Photo of the different compartments of the bag. Photo taken of a similar laptop sleeve.

It is doubly padded to keep your laptop safe. Your laptop is protected as it is waterproof and shockproof.

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Asus laptop bag Specifications:

  • Material: Nylon and Polyester
  • Waterproof fabric, thick and shockproof lining
  • Protects against shocks, scratches, and is waterproof
  • Dual sturdy and resistant zippers
  • Trolley compartments: Front zippered pocket, rear pocket with zipper
  • Adjustable shoulder strap, comfortable handle strap
  • Bag Type: For Women / For Men
  • Fits laptops of all brands: PC or Mac (Macbook Air, Macbook Pro)
  • Storage available for supplies: mouse, chargers, pens, mobile phone, tablet, iPad, hard drive, documents...

Dimensions of the Laptop Bag:

Various sizes are available to fit all laptops.

  • 13.3 inches: 33 x 23 x 2.5 cm (13.0 x 9.1 x 1.0 inches)
  • 14 inches: 36.5 x 25.5 x 3 cm (14.4 x 10.0 x 1.2 inches)
  • 15.4 inches: 37 x 26 x 3 cm (14.6 x 10.2 x 1.2 inches)
  • 15.6 inches: 38.5 x 27 x 3.5 cm (15.2 x 10.6 x 1.4 inches)

These are the interior dimensions of the protective sleeve.

The laptop sleeve is integrated. The protective case is padded, so you do not need to add an additional laptop sleeve. This laptop bag is super durable.