13 Inch Laptop Case

Looking for the Perfect 13 Inch Laptop Case for Your Laptop?

We have selected the best laptop sleeves to protect your device, including special designs for the popular Macbook Pro. You will find a diverse range of laptop sleeves in our computer protection shop: Floral, minimalist, patterned, striped, with inner pockets... All are perfect for 13-inch laptops or to protect your 13.3-inch laptop. If you prefer backpacks, wheeled options, or tote styles, we have you covered.

Laptop-kase is a store specializing in computer protection. Our offerings include products from renowned brands like Targus and provide everything you need to protect your laptop with charm, elegance, and staying at the forefront of fashion. Briefcase, suitcase, backpack, everything is here for a PC in complete security. Need to contact us? We respond quickly.

But first, are you sure you have a 13-inch laptop?

You might need a 14 inch laptop case. If you're not sure about the size of your laptop, here's an article we wrote to help you determine the exact size of your electronic device to choose the right size PC sleeve.

It's important to know the size of your PC; the name or model "Macbook 13" of your laptop is sometimes misleading. In fact, the model and brand can vary slightly.

For example, a 13-inch Lenovo computer can have the same dimensions as a 14-inch Dell computer.

What is the Purpose of a 13 Inch Laptop Case ?

Before ordering a computer protector, you might wonder if it's really important to protect your 13.3-inch laptop. So, we will explain why this is important.

Know that the 13 Inch Laptop Case can literally extend the life of your PC. In everyday use, without prior protection, your portable device is constantly exposed to risks, especially for commuters who travel through high-traffic areas and checkpoints where RFID protection can be crucial:

  • A collision when leaving your train,
  • A sudden fall (or impacts),
  • A clumsy coworker...

External factors can also affect the "health" of your laptop, such as:

  • Dust accumulating in the keyboard keys,
  • Heavy rain that you didn't expect, for which a tablet sleeve can offer additional protection,
  • Humidity that is unavoidable in bad weather...

So, it is essential to protect your laptop and choose a computer bag that suits your PC.

Key Considerations for Choosing the Ideal Laptop Sleeve

Details to Take into Account:

The material of the computer sleeve is crucial, especially if you own a Macbook Air. Consider the closure detail: a durable, zippered closure is a priority for added security, especially if you're passing through checkpoints. For those with a retina display, choosing a scratch-resistant sleeve is essential to maintain screen clarity.

The thickness of your laptop is an important detail, particularly for brands like Asus and HP. For thicker laptops, ensure the sleeve you choose can accommodate them. Our Targus range offers great options for thicker models, with extra padded protection.

Design of a Good Laptop Sleeve

Our website, Laptop-kase, features diverse patterns and designs. We also offer convertible sleeves that can function as a rucksack or a commuter bag, perfect for those on the go. Our water-resistant materials ensure your devices stay dry in any weather.

We offer a range based on your gender: Laptop Sleeve for Women or Laptop Sleeve for Men. But we also offer more personalized ranges, like:

  • Floral and Colorful Laptop Sleeve
  • Original 13 Inch Laptop Case
  • Plain and Minimalist 13-inch Laptop Case
  • 13-inch PC Sleeve "Summer Vibes"
  • 13-inch Laptop Sleeve with Animal Patterns
  • Galaxy Pattern 13-inch Sleeve
  • 13-inch Leather Laptop Sleeve

And many other collections that will be added (Tablet Accessories, Ultrabook, iPad, Customizable Laptop Sleeve...). So, you should be able to find what you're looking for on Laptop-kase.

Accessories for the Perfect Laptop Sleeve:

For some laptop sleeves, no additional accessories are needed. They come with interior pockets that allow you to store your laptop in the main compartment and your cables, pens, USB drive, and phone charger in other compartments such as the front and side pockets. For extra convenience, consider adding a shoulder bag strap for easy carrying.

Some sleeves also come with a small pouch, which may be included depending on the offers and seasons! This is the case with the Fluffy Case laptop sleeve. The carrying pouch is INCLUDED with the purchase of a protective sleeve. So, you can forget about a laptop bag, messenger bag, or briefcase: the original laptop sleeve will suffice.

Computer Sleeve or Laptop Bag?

However, if you need more bulky accessories (Tablets, Galaxy Tab, Document Holder...), it will be necessary to opt for a laptop bag. You can visit our collection of laptop bags, including options like a rolling backpack which is ideal for navigating through busy checkpoints and airports.

When to Choose a Laptop Bag?

A laptop bag allows you to store a larger computer bag, and compared to the laptop sleeve, you don't need to slide it into a computer bag or backpack since the laptop bag is rigid. It comes with a removable and adjustable detachable strap that allows you to carry all your personal belongings on your shoulder (like a messenger bag) or a handle for hand carrying. Some laptop bags also come equipped with a trolley feature for ease of transport during travel.

Other Laptop Sleeves or Bags

Many choices are possible; you can also choose to protect your laptop with a padded laptop sleeve. Much more stylish, the leather laptop sleeve allows you to be elegant in all circumstances. Also, note that we offer sleeves in various materials: 

  • Neoprene,
  • Nylon,
  • Polyester,
  • Cotton,
  • Synthetic Leather,
  • Cowhide Leather...