15.6 Inch Laptop Case

Collection: 15.6 inch laptop case

Safely transport your laptop with a 15.6 inch laptop case. Laptop-Kase offers everything for your portable needs: laptop bags, PC briefcases, backpacks, computer bags, and more, including options made from durable neoprene material.

We have selected a range of 15.6 inch laptop cases to ensure the longevity of your device, featuring water repellent properties and padded laptop sleeve designs for enhanced protection.

The Importance of Protecting Your Device with a 15.6 inch laptop case

Protecting your laptop with a computer sleeve or bag is crucial for ensuring safety of your device. Considering the price you have paid for this electronic device, a "laptop" is too fragile. Made with electronic components and an LED screen (QLED or OLED), it can quickly become damaged, break, or get scratched, and repair costs are often expensive.

A fall on the train, an unexpected shock, bad weather are reasons your portable device might be in danger. To avoid this, think about effectively protecting it with a case logic, especially if you are frequently on the move. Many situations can make your electronic device vulnerable. Consider models with anti-theft features for additional security.

This is where a laptop sleeve comes into play. The more padded and cushioned with shock-absorbing layers the laptop sleeve is, the safer your device will be. Also, consider its convertible design, as some sleeves can be transformed for different carrying styles and needs.

Laptop-Kase helps you find the 15.6 inch laptop case that perfectly fits your laptop.

The 15.6 inch laptop case for Women or Men You Need

Why Choose Laptop-Kase?

Laptop-Kase offers a wide choice of computer protectors with various motifs and designs. From a simple and clean look to a trendy fashionista style: this collection boasts over a hundred 15-inch laptop sleeves, including designs perfect for the MacBook Air. We try to vary while keeping in mind that the primary quality of your laptop sleeve is the protection of your device with durable construction and padded interior.

Three criteria are important to us in selecting our computer cases:

  • Patterns and color (stripes, circles, colored…) for elegant aesthetics.
  • Material and its quality (nylon, neoprene, cotton, polyester, PU leather…) including eco-friendly materials. Our selection also caters to those looking for a tablet case with similar quality and style.
  • Protection of your device (lining, shockproof, padding…) with a focus on a slim profile for versatile use, making them suitable even for use as shoulder bags.

We do our best to combine these 3 criteria to meet your expectations and the tastes of everyone.

Variety of 15.6 inch laptop case Models

That's why each laptop sleeve is different: they all provide protection for your laptop against bumps, scratches and most are waterproof, but some also offer unbeatable protection with several layers of shock absorption for ultimate protection.

A 15 inch Laptop case for Everyone!

All our laptop sleeves protect all your laptops, regardless of brand: DELL, ASUS, HP, ACER, MACBOOK. We don't favor any particular brand; all our products are designed to accommodate all brands. We will specify otherwise in the product description.

A Range of 15 inch Laptop Case at Affordable Prices

Not only does Laptop-Kase offer a wide selection of quality laptop sleeves, but we also offer computer pouches at smart prices. We try to adapt to everyone's budget, so you will find both simple computer sleeves and leather laptop sleeves (cowhide or polyurethane).

Buying a 15.6 inch laptop case: Making the Right Choice

Before buying your laptop sleeve, don't forget to consider accessories. Indeed, inside a protective sleeve, there isn't much storage space (or very little). A lightweight design and durable exterior are essential features to consider.

There's the main compartment for your laptop and sometimes internal pockets or side pockets or front pockets, but you may not have enough space for bulky accessories (Galaxy Tab, Tablet, iPad, Smartphone). These small storage spaces are only dedicated to small items (USB key, wired cable, charger, earphones…) and are often made with water-resistant material and padded lining for extra protection.

Is a Laptop Bag More Suitable?

Sometimes, it's necessary to choose a larger and more spacious computer bag with numerous storage spaces. This is the case with laptop bags, which are spacious enough to be used as document holders, practical (removable and adjustable strap + handles), and also protective (rigid) but since it's not slim, you can opt for a laptop sleeve that you can slip into your handbag or any shoulder bag. Laptop bags often provide multi-purpose functionality and a sleek appearance, suitable for various professional and personal settings.

Also, you can choose your 15-inch laptop sleeve based on how you will use it. Whether you want an additional zippered pocket or just one pocket with a zipper. You can also select a case logic model with a small pouch included, offering both style and utility.

15.6 inch Laptop Case

Also, you will find sleeves to protect your PCs that are "in between sizes". Indeed, for those who didn't know, the 15.6-inch laptop sleeve is very common because many laptops actually have these dimensions. 15.6-inch laptop sleeves are rarer than you might think, but Laptop-Kase has a large selection for you, featuring durable protection, stylish patterns, and RFID blocking capabilities.

How to Be Sure of Your Laptop Sleeve Size

Not sure if your laptop is a 15.6 inch? You might need a 16-inch laptop sleeve, or perhaps a convertible laptop backpack for extra space! We have written a special article on this topic: it helps you know precisely which computer protection best suits your device. Our sleeves offer compact design, versatile carrying options, and detachable parts for every user.

Laptop-Kase thinks of everyone by offering collections of laptop sleeves for all sizes, including eco-friendly and water-resistant options to cater to the environmentally conscious:

  • 11 and 12-Inch Laptop Sleeve with an integrated tablet sleeve
  • 13-Inch Laptop Sleeve
  • 14-Inch Laptop Sleeve
  • 15-Inch Laptop Sleeve
  • 16 Inch Laptop case with a sleek design
  • 17-Inch Laptop Sleeve with a hard shell for extra protection

Our range of laptop sleeves is extensive. You will find several types of PC sleeves:

  • Floral 15-inch Laptop Sleeve with soft interior lining
  • Plain 15-inch Laptop Bag in unisex style
  • Leather Laptop Messenger Bag for stylish patterns and durable protection
  • Original 15 inch Laptop Sleeve
  • Women's Leather Laptop Sleeve
  • Animal Motif Laptop Portable Sleeve
  • Men's Laptop Sleeve

Laptop-Kase: Responsive Customer Service for You!

We often emphasize this point, but once again know that: our team is here for you. If you have any questions about one of our computer protectors, our services, or our company: do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is available to respond to your inquiries.