16 Inch Laptop Case

Choose a 16-inch Laptop Sleeve

The choice of a 16-inch laptop sleeve is very limited online. You can find options for all sizes: 13-inch laptop sleeves, 14-inch laptop sleeves, 15.6-inch laptop sleeves... But there are very few choices for 16-inch laptops, and 17 inch laptop case especially those with a retina display.

Although it's a less common size, we haven't forgotten about you. We offer a range of models, including laptop totes and rolling briefcases, designed to protect your 16-inch laptop. These sleeves often come with a padded laptop sleeve inside for additional protection. But first, let us explain the importance of protecting your device with the right sleeve. Not only do they protect against physical damage, but the right sleeve can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your device, making it perfect for both professional and personal use.

What Is the Purpose of a Laptop Sleeve?

You may be wondering whether it's important to choose a laptop sleeve? Know that a laptop sleeve effectively protects your laptops, including specialized models like ultrabooks and the MacBook Air.

The Difference from a Laptop Bag

Unlike a laptop bag, backpack, or laptop briefcase, which only partially protect your tool, a laptop sleeve protects all four corners of the device and can save your laptop screen from a fall, impact, or collision.

Indeed, a laptop bag does not protect all four corners of your device, although it has many advantages that a sleeve does not have, such as numerous compartments for your accessories and easier transportation with a removable shoulder strap.

  • Numerous compartments for your accessories like a tablet case, mouse, wired cable, USB drive, agenda... can be used as a document holder because it's rigid.
  • Easier transportation with a removable shoulder strap and options like a rolling briefcase for those who travel frequently.

The laptop bag is not as padded as the sleeve, and the chosen material is not as effective in terms of protection. However, many modern laptop sleeves now incorporate features like water repellent materials and rfid blocking for added security.

Everyday Laptop Protection

Accidents happen quickly: a hurried subway neighbor who bumps into you, and your laptop could be damaged if it's not protected by a laptop sleeve. The 16-inch laptop sleeve allows you to transport your device worry-free, whether you're traveling or commuting between your home and workplace. The zipper provides protection, but more importantly, the padding is crucial: the inner lining is important, and it's best if it's covered with foam or a more protective material like rubber for optimal shock resistance.

Furthermore, the 16-inch laptop sleeve also extends the lifespan of your laptop. Changes in temperature, climate changes, humidity, dust, and daily mishaps can have a significant impact on your PC's lifespan. It's important protection that will be effective in protecting your device from bumps, collisions, falls, scratches, dust, moisture, and water.

Opt for a Waterproof Laptop Sleeve

For even more effective protection, it's important to choose a waterproof option, which means your computer will be protected from water. The laptop sleeve is waterproof and doesn't allow water to penetrate. Rainy weather, spilled drinks, don't worry, your PC is safe. In addition to being waterproof, consider a sleeve with a padded laptop sleeve inside for extra shock absorption.

Beyond waterproof protection, it's also a good idea to choose a high-quality laptop sleeve: nylon, neoprene, polyester, cotton, synthetic leather, or genuine leather. For those who prefer eco-friendly options, vegan leather is a durable and stylish choice. There are many laptop bag materials, and the protection depends on the material used.

Additionally, for professionals who are always on the move, a rolling briefcase style laptop sleeve can be a practical choice. It combines the ease of transportation with robust protection. And for those who prefer a more casual look, a laptop sleeve that can also function as a shoulder bag offers both convenience and versatility.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Case

It's true that in this collection, we only offer 16-inch laptop sleeves. However, this point is important when choosing the protective sleeve. For example, you might find that a rolling briefcase designed for a 16-inch laptop also fits your needs, providing both protection and mobility.

Indeed, even if you have a 16-inch laptop, you may not necessarily need a 15-inch laptop sleeve. Why? Let me explain. Depending on the brand of your laptop, the dimensions may differ and may be the same as a 15.4-inch laptop from another brand. For instance, a 16-inch ASUS laptop may have the exact same dimensions as a 15.4-inch DELL laptop. This is particularly the case with MacBook sleeves because Apple devices like the MacBook Air are slimmer and smaller.

So, it's important to know the exact dimensions of your device to choose the right laptop sleeve. Moreover, you'll have more options by choosing a 15.6-inch, 15.4-inch, or 15-inch laptop sleeve, and it will be even more affordable! To determine the size you need, you'll need to measure the screen diagonally on your device. We explain everything here. If you have a tablet or an iPad Air, consider a tablet case that 'snaps on' for a secure fit.

If you can't do it, don't hesitate to contact us so we can help you choose the right laptop bag. We also offer sleeves made from vegan leather for those seeking eco-friendly options.

Our Collection of 16-Inch Laptop Sleeves

In this collection of 16-inch laptop sleeves, you'll find models for both men and women. Most of them are plain, but if you're looking for a laptop sleeve with a floral pattern, for example, please contact us with the dimensions of your device. Indeed, we may be able to find a 15.6-inch laptop sleeve or a 17-inch laptop sleeve that would perfectly fit your device.