17 Inch Laptop Sleeve Waterproof - Marguerite

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We know that more and more of you are looking for a large laptop sleeve. It's true that using a computer with a large screen is much more enjoyable. Laptop sleeves in larger sizes are becoming rare, but when you find one, you won't let go of it (especially when it's adorned with flowers).

The Marguerite Laptop Sleeve is simple and efficient. A single pocket allows you to slide your laptop in and secure it with the zip closure.

A Lovely 17 Inch Laptop Sleeve Waterproof

This laptop sleeve is perfect for transporting your laptop to the office or for professional meetings. Its fabric is lightweight and won't add to the weight of your tool. This laptop sleeve will protect your portable PC from scratches and dust.

Features of the 17 Inch Laptop Sleeve Waterproof: 

  • Available Size: 17 inches
  • Interior Dimensions 17 inches: 17.4 x 12.3 x 1.1 inches