Tote Laptop Bag - Evy

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A model combining style and protection

Evoking both elegance and practicality, our women's tote laptop bag is an essential piece for today's modern woman.

Its rose red color, both vibrant and refined, reflects a modern and bold femininity. Perfectly suited for 17-inch laptops, it offers fail-safe protection against shocks, preserving your valuable equipment.

With its numerous compartments, it makes it easy to organize your essentials, whether it's your laptop, makeup bag, or other accessories. Its ergonomic and adjustable shoulder strap ensures comfortable daily carrying. Whether it's for a workday or a day out with friends, it elegantly adapts to all situations.

(* image of a similar gray model)

Affirm your style while effectively protecting your computer with this jewel of elegance and functionality.

Dimensions of the tote laptop bag

  • 13 - 13.3 inches: 33 x 23 cm (13 x 9.1 inches)
  • 14 inches: 34.5 x 24.5 cm (13.6 x 9.6 inches)
  • 15 - 15.6 inches: 38.5 x 27.5 cm (15.2 x 10.8 inches)
  • 17 inches: 41.5 x 29 cm (16.3 x 11.4 inches)

* These are the interior dimensions of the bag.