Laptop Sleeve Case - Casual wool - Grey

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Your laptop is the #1 essential tool in your life. It contains all your files, papers, and memories, and you use it daily for work, research, movie nights, chatting on messenger, or gaming. You need it for every occasion. That's why it's crucial to protect your laptop. Laptop-kase offers the casual sleeve to dress up your computer.

12-inch gray casual wool laptop sleeve

A Simple and Elegant Laptop Sleeve

This laptop sleeve is simple and elegant. It allows you to protect not only your laptop but also your tablet. That tablet you carry with you daily but is never protected. It's time to find its ideal headgear: our casual sleeve.

You have the choice between 2 different colors for this laptop sleeve: Steel Gray and Anthracite Gray. Neutral colors that will blend seamlessly with your style, whether you are a woman or a man.

13-inch laptop sleeve

The Casual Wool Laptop Sleeve Adapts to You

Available in 7 different sizes, this laptop sleeve adapts to your laptop according to its dimensions.

For you men who need a men's laptop sleeve, this sleeve will be the ideal piece to accessorize your outfit.


And you women, the casual women's laptop sleeve is the extra touch you'll add to your daily outfits. Whether you're dressed in streetwear, sportswear, or office attire, this sleeve will go with everything.

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