TOP 5 | The 5 Best Laptop Sleeves

If you are about to purchase your laptop case, read this article; we'll share our TOP 5 computer cases based on:

  • Customer reviews
  • Our personal opinion

If you've just bought your laptop, it's time to protect it, especially if you travel daily or use it regularly.

If you can't find what you're looking for among our selection of computer cases below (we had to limit the list to only 5 laptop sleeves to keep the article from being too long), you'll find a wide range of computer cases on our shop. To do so, visit Choose the model that suits you best from our various collections.


Simplicity and Softness are the keywords for this laptop case.

Available in 4 pastel colors, all pastel:

lecoinpochette laptop sleeve


Our Fluffy laptop sleeve is made of suede. This material is as soft and pleasant as suede. The laptop sleeve provides your laptop with protection against water, oil, and heat.

It's soft and lightweight, but it still offers some protection against bumps, scratches, and dust. However, its light padding does not provide ultimate protection against shocks and falls.

laptop sleeve + gift

Its added bonus is its travel pouch that comes with it. The pouch is FREE with every purchase of a Fluffy PC case!

2 - Laptop Case - Black Marble

We've selected this laptop case for its protection. You'll find several models of PC sleeves with the same design as this one.

marble laptop case

It features 3 layers of protection on each side of the case, totaling 6 layers in all. This gives it ultimate protection against accidents:

shocks, drops, weather, moisture, dust

Our laptop sleeve has a foam interior that is shock-resistant. There's also a soft and smooth material covering it, as well as corner protection to safeguard all 4 corners of your device.

A small pocket is provided at the front of your laptop sleeve so you can store your keys, your agenda, your charger, your lipstick... Everything you need to stay organized in any situation.

Several models with the same configuration:

  • Seaweed, blue seaweed pattern
  • Peony, white with pink flower pattern
  • RedWine, solid burgundy red
  • Zebra, black and white zebra pattern

Ask us for more models with this protection.

3 - Standoo PC Support Sleeve - A 2-in-1 Sleeve

The incredible new feature that our customers love! This computer case made of synthetic leather also serves as a computer stand. It offers excellent working ergonomics by allowing you to elevate your device.

laptop sleeve with integrated pc stand

Our customers love it because it helps reduce neck pain and migraines caused by long hours in front of the screen. Your laptop will be closer to your eyes, so you won't have to constantly lower your neck.

Having a computer stand can be bulky and take up space in your computer bag, but this time, you won't have that problem because the stand is directly integrated into the sleeve. It's very practical, and the sleeve is no thicker than any other.

On the contrary, it's made of leather, synthetic leather. Quite slim, it protects your device from dust and water but doesn't protect against falls.

Standoo is available in 6 different colors to satisfy everyone's tastes and preferences:

  • Standoo Gray
  • Standoo Dark
  • Standoo Bordeaux
  • Standoo Fir
  • Standoo Choco
  • Standoo Midnight Blue

4 - Laptop Sleeve - Netherlands

This is by far one of the most ordered laptop sleeves by women on our shop. There's no need for a long speech for this one. What you love is its design: romantic flowers bring a touch of sweetness.

Moreover, many of you want to stay stylish in all circumstances, even with your laptop sleeve. The Netherlands laptop sleeve pairs perfectly with your outfits thanks to its subtle colors.

5 - Leather Laptop Sleeve - Trissino

Last but not least, they say? This leather laptop sleeve is the epitome of elegance. The details on this snake pattern sleeve add a lot of style.

The PC sleeve will perfectly match your clothing style. It's the extra touch to add to your outfit to awaken the businesswoman in you.

black leather women's laptop sleeve

If you carry your tool with you, this PC case will be your best ally, as sexy as a handbag. You can work from anywhere.

Due to its popularity, only the 13-inch size is available now, grab it quickly!

We could mention beautiful laptop case models for hours, but all good things come to an end. Our selection ends here. Don't forget to check your laptop's size before choosing your sleeve. If you don't know your device's screen size, read our article. We explain everything.

Also, don't hesitate to contact us if you need help choosing your PC case, for size selection, or for any questions you may have. We'll be happy to assist you.

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