Laptop Case or Laptop Bag: Which to Choose?

Laptop Case or Laptop Bag: What Are the Differences?

Laptop bags, laptop cases, computer backpacks, PC briefcases, or handbags—the PC protection market continues to grow.

Consumers often find themselves puzzled when it comes to choosing between the two main types of laptop protection: the laptop bag or the laptop case. Indeed, both bags and cases are practical, but it is important for buyers to understand the differences between the two in order to make the right choice at the time of purchase.

The Laptop Bag
The laptop bag was developed from the traditional briefcase. Rectangular in shape, the laptop bag is heavier, contains more storage pockets, and is generally made from a soft material.

The Advantage of a Laptop Bag
There are several types and styles of laptop bags, all of which have at least one large interior compartment with a zipper. This is the main compartment dedicated to the laptop. This space helps to protect the device from collisions during transport.



Many modern versions of laptop bags feature small interior compartments or external pockets that allow for the storage of personal items and computer accessories:

  • Interior pockets for planners, document holders, mice, wired cables...
  • A front pocket for keys, smartphone
  • A side pocket for pens
  • Some laptop bags also have a slot for a tablet (iPad, Galaxy Tab...)

Another advantage of a laptop bag is that it is equipped with at least one handle located on the edge of the bag for carrying by hand. It also comes with an additional removable shoulder strap in the form of a long adjustable strap. The strap is attached to the opposite corners of the bag, on the same side as the handles. It allows the bag to be carried on the shoulders so that the user can keep their hands free for other tasks.

The Disadvantage of the Laptop Bag
The drawback of a laptop bag lies in the fact that it has a certain weight; it can be cumbersome and may not allow for carrying your laptop in all circumstances, especially if you need a handbag or if you are on a motorcycle, for example.

sacoche ordinateur portable

Also, the laptop bag is heavy, at least heavier than a laptop case.

The laptop bag is also less aesthetically pleasing than a laptop case.

The Laptop Case

The laptop case is similar to the bag. It is also rectangular in shape with an opening along one end of the bag, typically secured with a zipper.

It has a large interior compartment to accommodate a laptop. The case may also have a compartment divided to hold both a device and papers or documents.

The Positive Side When Choosing a Laptop Case

Lightweight and at the same time protective, the protective case seals the 4 corners of the laptop. It is essential to opt for a quilted and padded laptop case with multiple layers of protection to ensure optimal protection of the device. This allows for protection from shocks, falls, and water by being shockproof and waterproof.

The materials vary from one case to another: cotton, neoprene, polyester, leather, polyurethane, or nylon, with protection depending on the material.

For practicality, the few laptop cases that have handles are generally small and do not have a shoulder strap. They are mostly made of soft, stretchable fabric. Laptop cases can also be suitable for very compact and lightweight devices, such as netbooks or ultrabooks.



The main difference between a laptop case and a bag is that the case does not have handles. It more closely resembles a folio case and is designed to be carried under the arm or slipped into a handbag or backpack.

The Disadvantage to Remember Before Making Your Choice

The main disadvantage of a laptop case is that it is often difficult to store bulky accessories such as a charger, unless a storage pouch is offered with the laptop case.

Which Should You Choose?

If you are unsure about your computer bag, it will depend on how you use your PC.

If you are going to slip your device into a backpack or handbag, it is better to choose a laptop case rather than a bag. Cases are more suited to the latest generation computers and are lighter.

Laptop bags are more suitable for people who use a work laptop or those who are used to carrying several documents in addition to their PC, as they have multiple compartments.

By visiting our collection summaries, you can choose between the laptop case and the bag for women or men that suits your taste.


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