Choose a 17-Inch Laptop: Combine Large Screen, Style, and Protection

In our increasingly digital world, laptops have become essential companions for both leisure and professional activities. When using your laptop daily, it's better to prioritize a device with a large screen for added comfort.

If you're undecided about your next laptop choice, read this article, which will give you good reasons to opt for a 17-inch laptop. Also, with the rise of 17-inch laptops and large-sized PCs, it's essential to have suitable protective accessories to ensure the safety of your valuable tool. We will explore the different criteria for choosing the best protection. 

Why Choose a 17-Inch Laptop: 

The 17-Inch Laptop: Large Screen for Maximum Productivity

When it comes to choosing a laptop, the screen size is a key factor to consider. While more compact models are popular for their portability, such as 13-inch and 14-inch models, 17-inch laptops offer an immersive visual experience and distinct advantages. Choosing a 17-inch laptop provides you with more comfort, can improve your productivity, and offers you a superior computing experience compared to smaller screens.

Visual and Ergonomic Comfort with a Large Screen:

The larger screen of a 17-inch laptop offers significant benefits for your visual comfort and ergonomic health.
Texts and characters are larger, and images are more readable, reducing eye fatigue and muscle tension associated with reading on smaller screens. When you consider that "7 out of 10 adults wear glasses due to vision problems : protecting your eye health is crucial.

Moreover, reading small and fine-print texts often forces the reader to get closer to the screen for better visibility, even if it's sometimes unconscious. Getting too close to the screen can lead to eyestrain and neck tension.

Furthermore, a spacious keyboard and touchpad offer a better typing and navigation experience, reducing the risk of issues. 

An Immersive Visual Experience:

One of the main advantages of a 17-inch laptop is its large screen. Whether you're working on creative tasks, watching movies, playing video games, or doing video editing, a larger screen provides an immersive visual experience. Details are sharper, colors are more vibrant, and images are more captivating, allowing for total immersion in your content.

Extended Workspace:

When working on projects that require multiple open windows or applications simultaneously, a larger screen is a real asset. It offers you an extended workspace, allowing you to display multiple documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or web pages side by side without feeling cramped. This makes multitasking easier and improves your efficiency by avoiding constant switching between windows. A 17-inch laptop allows you to have a large screen without the need for a desktop PC, even for precision tasks. 

choosing a 17-inch laptop

Improved Performance:

17-inch laptops generally offer superior performance due to their ability to accommodate more powerful components. You can find faster processors, more RAM, and high-performance dedicated graphics cards, making them an ideal choice for resource-intensive tasks such as video editing, photo editing, 3D rendering, or demanding video games.

Adaptability and Versatility:

A 17-inch laptop offers greater adaptability and versatility in terms of use. Whether you're a professional who needs a large screen for complex projects, a content creator looking for better visual accuracy, or a gaming enthusiast seeking an immersive gaming experience, a 17-inch laptop caters to different needs, provided you choose the brand (Lenovo, Acer, Hp, Asus, etc.) and model carefully. 

Opting for a 17-inch laptop is a good choice if you want to combine comfort and productivity. However, it's essential to remember that a large-sized laptop may also have some drawbacks, especially its weight. A 17-inch PC is heavier than a small laptop, so it's important to choose computer protection that is practical, lightweight, and optimal.

Protecting Your 17-Inch Laptop 

While there are more and more 17-inch laptops on the market, it's not always easy to find suitable protection for this type of device. At least, they don't come in a wide variety of styles and models. This can be inconvenient, especially when using the device for commuting between the office and home or for business trips. You might need a designer, elegant, and original 17-inch laptop bag. Therefore, choosing a protective case that offers optimal protection while being practical, comfortable, and aesthetic becomes essential. You will need to choose between a 17-inch laptop case, a 17-inch laptop bag, or a 17-inch laptop backpack, depending on your preferences, needs, and lifestyle. 

17-inch laptop

The 17-Inch Laptop Sleeve:

The laptop sleeve is a lightweight and compact option that allows you to transport your 17-inch PC while providing protection against scratches, light impacts, and splashes (if it's waterproof). The 17-inch laptop sleeve often features padding inside the main compartment to protect your laptop during your travels. 

The sleeve is ideal if you're looking for a minimalist solution that allows you to easily slide your laptop into a backpack, suitcase, or another travel bag. The protective sleeve solution can be ideal, especially since 17-inch laptops are heavier than other laptop sizes. Carrying it on your back in a laptop backpack can be a practical long-term solution.
The 17-inch laptop sleeve is particularly suitable for frequent travelers and those who prefer to travel light.

Advantages of the Laptop Sleeve for 17-Inch Laptops:

  • Lightweight, compact, and easy to carry.
  • Adequate protection against scratches and light impacts.
  • Fits easily into other bags, messenger bags, or luggage.

The 17-Inch Laptop Bag:

The laptop bag is a more spacious option that provides enhanced protection for your portable device and additional storage space. It typically comes with dedicated compartments for your laptop, as well as extra pockets for accessories such as cables, chargers, pens, tablets, notepads, and more. 

The laptop bag is perfect if you need to carry several items along with your laptop. It's also convenient for professionals who frequently travel and need easy access to their documents and equipment. Laptop bags come with practical storage and a removable, detachable shoulder strap.

Advantages of the Laptop Bag for 17-Inch Laptops:

  • Optimal protection for your PC against impacts and scratches.
  • Additional storage space for your personal belongings
  • Dedicated and organized compartment for storage.
  • Ideal for those who need to carry multiple items along with their laptop.

The Laptop Handbag: 

As for the 17-inch laptop handbag, it offers the same advantages as a laptop bag, including numerous compartments, optimal protection depending on the padded or unpadded lining of the bag. However, it's harder to find because a laptop bag must be both large and spacious (to accommodate a large-sized device) and elegant since it's a handbag. 


Investing in a 17-inch laptop is a wise choice to combine work comfort and productivity. A large screen is significant as it provides an extended workspace, larger characters, and optimal device performance. When choosing a 17-inch laptop, don't forget about its protection and opt for a case or bag that allows you to carry it safely.

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