Dell Laptop Computer Bag - BasicThin

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Looking for a practical and stylish solution to carry your Dell laptop? This dell laptop computer bag is the perfect choice.

Its gray color is a versatile choice that complements both your formal and casual outfits.

The interior of the bag is extremely soft and comfortable, providing a pleasant environment for your laptop, protecting it from scratches and dust.

Easy to use, it comes with a zipper closure and a handbag-style handle. The bag can also be adapted to fit onto a suitcase, making it ideal for business trips and travel.

Laptop Bag

*Image of a similar case

Dimensions of the dell laptop computer bag:

  • 13 inches (33.5 x 23 cm / 13.19 x 9.06 inches)
  • 14 inches (37 x 27 cm / 14.57 x 10.63 inches)
  • 15 - 16 inches (40 x 29.5 cm / 15.75 x 11.61 inches)

Features of the BasicThin dell laptop computer bag:

  • The 14-inch laptop bag is slim and lightweight
  • It comes in gray, a versatile choice
  • Offers multiple storage compartments
  • The design is simple and elegant
  • Waterproof, scratch-resistant, and dustproof protection
  • The interior is soft and comfortable
  • Opens and closes with a sturdy zipper
  • Convenient back pocket
  • Can be attached to a suitcase