What size laptop sleeve should I choose?

Choosing the Right Laptop Sleeve Size

The size of your laptop sleeve is very important. If it's too small, you won't be able to use it because your laptop won't fit inside.

Conversely, if the sleeve is too large, your laptop won't be securely held, and it may move around, potentially not providing adequate protection.

However, it's better to have a sleeve that's slightly too big than too small

If you need a laptop sleeve for your computer but aren't sure which size to choose, don't worry; we'll explain everything to you. 

The most popular size is the 14-inch laptop sleeve because it's the most commonly sold laptop size. 

How to Choose Your Laptop Sleeve?

1/ Check Your PC's Dimensions

The first indicator we'll consider when choosing your laptop sleeve is the dimensions of your PC's screen

To do this, simply measure the diagonal of your device (screen + edges). 

The number you find (e.g., 39.3) should be divided by 2.54. This will give you a number, and that's the size to choose for your laptop sleeve. 

The table below is a summary of each size

Diagonal size in inches Diagonal size in cm 
 10 25,4
11 27,95
12 30,5
13 33
13.3 33.8
14 35,6
15 38,1
15.4 39.1
15.6 39.6
16 40,65
17 43,2
17.3 44
18 45,7


Under each product description, you'll find the dimensions in inches and also in cm to help you understand more easily. 

Note that there may be a margin of error of 1 cm. 

2 / Determine the Space You Need

It's essential to determine: what type of storage do you need inside your laptop sleeve.

Is it a laptop sleeve that will allow you to slide in only your laptop? A laptop bag for more space, or do you need an additional pouch to store your keys, mouse, agenda, etc.?

The pouch is included when you purchase a fluffy laptop sleeve. 


There are several different models: you can choose a laptop sleeve with an integrated storage pocket, 

Or, on the contrary, you can choose a sleeve with a separate small pouch

3 / Which Style Best Suits Your Preferences?

On our laptop-kase.com store, you'll find different models to match your tastes and preferences.

Choosing Your Laptop Sleeve

Floral and fruity patterns, a classic and straightforward model, animal prints. Make your choice based on design or according to your PC's size: the selection is vast; discover all our collections of laptop sleeves now. 

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