How to Choose the Best Women's Laptop Bag

Currently, an increasing number of women are working with a laptop. Whether for work or study, laptops have become an integral part of our lives. Therefore, it's essential to choose a bag that not only can contain a computer but is also practical and stylish. Indeed, women need a bag that can carry their personal items while protecting their computer. The choice of a laptop bag for women is thus crucial.

In this article, you will find all our practical advice for choosing the perfect laptop bag, one that meets your expectations and needs. This will be a buying guide to help you make your choice from the wide variety of bags, cases, and laptop sleeves available on the market.

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Choosing Criteria for a Women's Laptop Bag

A woman needs a laptop bag not only to protect her work tool, the laptop, but also as a handbag in which she can store all her belongings. Therefore, the women's laptop bag will be a multitasking tool whose first criterion is aesthetics. To choose well, several criteria come into play.

The Size of the Laptop Bag

The first criterion to consider when choosing a women's laptop bag is the size. It's important to choose a laptop bag of the right size, neither too small nor too large.

If the bag is too small, your device won't fit inside, and conversely,

if the bag is too large, it won't be adequately protected. Most websites indicate the size of the bags. On our website, Laptop Kase, for example, you can find the dimensions of each bag under the product description of the handbag. It is therefore important to check the dimensions of your laptop and choose a bag that suits its size.

If you do not know the dimensions of your device, you can also refer to the size guides available in our FAQ.

Size is very important as it ensures good protection of your electronic device by keeping it stable in the bag. However, be careful to differentiate between the size of the laptop compartment and the size of the bag, which are two different things.

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The Durability of Your Laptop Bag Matters

Durability is a crucial criterion to consider when purchasing a women's laptop bag. Indeed, a sturdy and durable handbag will ensure optimal protection for the laptop. The bag's durability is indicated by the quality of materials used in its construction. The most commonly used materials for laptop bags are genuine leather, synthetic leather, nylon, and polyester.

Leather is the most durable material and offers the best protection against scratches and tears. However, it is also the most expensive.

Synthetic leather can be a good choice, but it's important to carefully select the model since not all PU leathers are of the same quality.

Nylon and polyester are less expensive yet equally resistant materials, offering adequate protection against bumps and scratches. These materials are durable but aesthetically, they are less appealing and appear less professional.

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The Importance of Finding a Women's Laptop Bag

That Combines Practicality and Style Other criteria are important in choosing your computer bag, including the practicality of the bag. It is important to choose a bag that offers enough storage space. You should consider all the items you need to carry in addition to your laptop.

The Practical Side of the Bag

A laptop handbag equipped with multiple storage compartments and inner pockets is more practical. Thanks to the numerous storage spaces, you can store various electronic accessories such as the charger, wired mouse, hard drive or USB stick, a notebook... But you can also easily carry your personal belongings in the small outer pockets or in the front pocket of the bag like your wallet, mobile phone, glasses, etc. Therefore, it's important to choose a bag that offers enough storage space for different accessories.

A practical bag is also one that you can comfortably carry throughout the day. Ideally, the bag should have comfortable carrying straps with foam padding on the handles or comfortable grips.

The Style of Your Women's Laptop Bag: Opt for a Choice That Reflects You

There are several ways to carry a women's laptop bag. You can wear it:

  • On the shoulder like a real handbag,
  • As a crossbody bag or a satchel,
  • In the crook of your arm for a professional look.

Depending on how you prefer to carry it, ensure to choose practical elements. The shoulder strap should be sturdy and removable to adjust it to your size, and the bag's straps should be of good length if the laptop bag is carried as a handbag.

Beyond these technical aspects, the style of the bag is also an important consideration. Indeed, it's important that the bag matches your personal style and aesthetic preferences.

Women's laptop bags are available in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns, allowing you to find a bag that suits every woman.

Ideally, choose a bag that you can wear every day with all your outfits. Most women's laptop bags are black, but there are also computer bags in beige, nude, gray, white, and pink that appeal to many women.

You will also find a selection of computer messenger bags with floral patterns, stripes, polka dots, quilted, etc.

Finally, you can also opt for trendy, sophisticated, and original models like the computer tote bag, the reversible computer backpack into a handbag, the handbag-style school bag, or the document holder computer bag styled as a handbag.

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Do Not Overlook Security for Your Women's Laptop Bag

Security should not be forgotten when purchasing a laptop bag for women. It is crucial to opt for a bag that provides adequate protection against impacts and theft.

Laptop bags for women come equipped with several security systems, such as zippers that can be double zipped for extra security, combination locks, padlocks, and hidden pockets.

Security also lies in the padding of your laptop case, some bags have quilted lining for shock-proof protection of your device. This protection against impacts, scratches, and bumps is important to consider because accidents can easily happen. Therefore, it is important to choose a bag that offers sufficient security to protect the laptop and other personal belongings.

Regarding theft or data hacking, some computer bag models feature RFID-blocking technology that protects the data on your devices (phones, laptops, tablets) from remote hacking. This can be useful if you are frequently on the move.

To choose the best laptop bag for women, it is important to consider the size of the laptop, the strength and durability of the bag, practicality in terms of storage, style and aesthetic preferences, as well as security systems to protect the laptop and other personal belongings. By taking all these criteria into account, women can find the perfect bag for their professional and personal needs, but you can still go further...

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Additional Criteria for the Perfect Women's Laptop Bag

While the criteria listed previously are essential for choosing a women's laptop bag, there are other aspects to consider to ensure you make the right choice.

Firstly, the weight of the bag is crucial. Women who need to carry their laptop bag over long distances should opt for a lightweight bag to avoid fatigue and back pain. Moreover, women's laptop bags can also be equipped with wheels to ease transportation, resembling a computer briefcase which is particularly practical for business travel.

Next, the quality of the finishes should be considered. High-quality women's laptop bags feature solid stitching, durable zippers, and superior materials. It's important to choose a bag that not only meets your style and functionality criteria but also your quality standards.

Finally, the price is an important consideration. Women's laptop bags are available at a wide range of prices depending on quality, brand, and features. It's important to purchase a bag that fits your budget and offers good value for money.


By taking all these aspects into account, women can be sure to find the perfect laptop bag for their professional and personal needs, combining style, functionality, comfort, security, and quality at an affordable price.

Do not overlook these criteria if you want your computer handbag to last several years and protect your laptop from the everyday hazards.

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